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House Roof Cleaning, Waikato & Thames

Similar to the house and building wash, your roof is susceptible to mould, algae and lichen which can all contribute to the breakdown and oxidation of your roof coating and can even cause premature cracking in the ridging of concrete tile roofs. Prevention and prompt treatment with our biodegradable 'moss and algae agent' is the key. Our application neutralizes all organic growth and the weathering elements clean it naturally. Rest assured we will follow its progress through with our Customer Service Check.

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roof cleaning, moss and algae prevention
This clay tile roof has lichen & moss
growing heavily over its surface

This photo shows that scaffolding
was used to access this roof

The roof above has been left for too long without regular cleaning & once it gets to this stage the lichen starts sending its spores down into the tile cement joins, resulting in loose tiles.....but this can be fixed with our 'Slow Release Agent'. If a high roof is being cleaned then proper health & safety precautions are carried out.

Our 'Slow Release Agent' is applied by one of our trained technicians with no harsh pressure used. Once it has been
applied, depending on the extent of lichen, moss & algae that is present, it will cleanse off over a period of time with the
weather elements.

professional roof cleaning technicians

Our technicians rarely need to climb up onto a roof - with our equipment we can access most roofs from our ladders or hydraulic equipment.

We also can offer an option of having your roof instantly cleaned, using a light pressure cleaner.

This would be ideal if you were looking at getting your roof ready for painting or if you were selling your home.

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