Our Softwash system provides all exterior building cleaning requirements, via van based technicians who can efficiently and effectively wash and clean houses, buildings and associated surface areas such as roofs, windows, garages, paths, cobbles, driveways, fences, and decks. We also can apply a general insect treatment to the exterior and interior of your home.

We use a variety of products depending what will suit your needs best, including organic.

This unique Softwash process is gentle and has been proven to lengthen the life of paint (up to 18 years in some cases) by preventing the build up of the oxidizing catalysts, algae and mould - all this by using no harsh water pressures/blasters. Softwash has its head office in Hamilton and is expanding nationally through franchising from this base.

The Company

Softwash launched as a company in January 2002. Softwash came about through the development of a house washing concept that grew and refined itself into a unique low pressure cleaning process, by creator and founder of the Company Leo Forbes. After many trials on his own properties and the knowledge that this (genuine soft wash) process would be successfully received in the market place.

Softwash has quickly established itself as a viable business entity and will most certainly continue to develop as a reputable firm on the cleaning landscape, where both employees are respected and developed, and customers are left satisfied time after time.

Our Vision

"To establish a reputation as the most preferred exterior cleaning business nationally and internationally. Endeavouring to reach the owners of all houses and commercial buildings, while providing an efficient, sought-after service and doing it with a spirit of excellence."

Our Mission Statement

While pursuing the realization of our vision we seek to uphold the following -
  • To carry and maintain a spirit and culture of excellence, externally through all facets of our customer service (presentation, workmanship and attitude) and internally throughout all our team relations.
  • To encourage and facilitate where practical, our people to utilise their potential and fulfil their aspirations in business, education and life.
  • To maximize and harness sound opportunities for professional business growth.
  • To contribute positively to our local regions and communities.
  • To assimilate and maintain environmentally friendly practices.
  • To uphold quality health and safety conduct throughout our entire organisation.

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