Q.  Are Softwash chemicals harmful to my plants or pets?
A.  We have refined our products and services over the years to provide first class cleaning without damaging your
property and gardens. This is achieved by controlling the concentration and volume of our products and the
methodology in which we apply them.

Q.  Will it damage my paint?
A.  The unique Softwash process is the most gentle means of cleaning your painted surfaces and therefore will only
enhance their exterior, provided the integrity of the paint was already intact.

Q.  What does it cost?
A.  We offer a range of services which we provide free quotes for, so there are no hidden surprises.
Cost depends on -
  • Type of clean
  • Size and height of house or building
  • Cladding type
  • Water pressure available
  • Degree of soilage
  • Site accessibility etc

Q.  Does the house wash include windows?
A. Yes, our standard Softwash includes the exterior cleaning of the windows.

Q.  Do you use water blasters?
A.  In some instances (normally pre-painting preparation on a roof or heavily soiled concrete) we will use a controlled
water pressure to enhance the cleaning process. We can give you different cleaning options to work in with your
time frame, and provide you with the different costs involved for each option.


Q. "Is your treatment safe?"
A. You can be sure that our treatment will be completely safe for you and your family, for the following reasons:
  • In this country, we have strict controls administered by MAF and ERMA on what products and at what strengths those products can be used in what situations.
  • Our technicians are well trained and experienced in the safe and effective use of these products.
If you would like more details of our treatment we could arrange for our managing director to give you a ring to discuss any specific questions you may have.

Q. "What chemical do you use?"
A. Our technician will select the product most suitable for the job, taking all health and safety issues into

Q. "Will the treatment hurt my plants?"
A. In most cases your plants will be fine. But if the technician feels that any will be affected he/she will ask you to
move or protect them.

Q. "What about my pets?"
A. All animals must be kept away from where treatment is being applied - It may be safer in some cases to have pets
removed from the property until treatment has been carried out. For interior treatment pets should not be allowed
back inside until house has been well ventilated and the clean up instructions from our technician have been carried
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